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Palavra-chaves: MICROVESICLES, AGING, CARDIOVASCULAR Pôster (PO) AT-08: Envelhecimento Ativo e Bem sucedido Publicado em 20 de dezembro de 2017


Cardiovascular aging is associated with a loss of homeostasis of cells systems and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Dysfunction of the endothelium, by acting on NO, expression of enzymes, such as angiotensin and elevation of electrolytes such as Ca2+, leads to spread of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis among others CVDs. Cells progressing to senescence acquire prominent phenotypes, and the levels of many proteins that govern with each of these phenotypes are influenced by miRNA. The release of the microparticles contributes to the progression of endothelial damage, promoting senescence and development of CVDs. The present exploratory study aims to determine the association of microvesicles activity in cardiovascular aging, in vitro and in vivo, as well as the action of microvesicles in CVDs. Senescence is associated with metabolic and gene factors. The miRNAs miR-217, miR-9a and miR-34a act in reducing the expression of SIRT1. The p53 and miR-22 lead pRb inducing senescence. Consequently, decreasing longevity. However, in conjunction with senescence, ther is emergence of CVDs. The influence of microvesicles, is on the carrying of genes and proteins that stimulate the progression of diseases. It can therefore conclude that, the release microvesicles into the senescent cells, promotes aging, as well as the spread of cardiovascular diseases.


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